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This archive began in September, 2010, but ends in October 2014. Not only that, but I had no luck finding any blog posts dating from 1997. Perhaps I’ve missed them, though, since that’s when I got my first digital camera, in 1998.

Interesting Languages

If you were looking for something interesting to try as a language, just try using Latin to build a phrase, phrase, phrase, phrase, phrase, phrase. It would be surprising how many languages would be difficult to create using Latin or at least a simple foreign language.

Premium Material

Now that you’ve seen Premium through to the end of the Premium version of the game, you may be wondering what happens to the remainder of your Premium pass.

Exploring ELAR

ELAR’s online catalogue allows registered users to view, stream and download material deposited by our depositors according to their and the communities’ access permissions.

You can explore collections by browsing our map, lists, and facets. Using the search bar, you can find a particular deposit by title or name of the depositor, or you can use keywords to search for materials across deposits. You will also find rich information about the context of each documentation project in the landing page for each deposit, as well as a citation template for referencing the deposit in academic publications.

Our Latest Posts

  • Top 7 Language Lessons from a Native English Speaker
    It is said that we should ‘never judge a book by its cover,’ but in this busy, modern world, it might be the quickest way to determine if an individual is open to conversation. If their appearance screams English language instruction, then you should feel comfortable talking with them about it. The subject of English
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  • Programming Language intergrations
    Here’s a proposal for a programming language that doesn’t require the programmer to understand the specific semantics of another language or the hardware platform for their language. Here’s how it works: Program your program in whatever language you choose. However, the core of your program is probably some kind of “trajectory planner” in the form
  • When its night Time in Dubai.
    A dozen Saudi Arabian men who reportedly had gathered to watch the full moon rise over Dubai were arrested on suspicion of posing as guards in order to keep civilians from ascending the Sheikh Zayed Bridge, according to a security officer. Seven Emiratis and three Saudis were held by Dubai police at the bridge at
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    The list of languages spoken in Australia is as diverse as the land it covers. Australia is almost perfectly split between regional areas. There are 78 Aboriginal languages spoken in Australia today. In the three decades since the first Aboriginal Language Plans were released, the government has made serious efforts to learn and speak the

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The Endangered Languages Archive (ELAR) is a digital repository preserving and publishing multimedia collections of endangered languages. The archive contains collections from all over the world with regional strongholds in Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Australia and Latin America. To date, recordings encompassing over 450 languages can be found in ELAR. Collections in ELAR contain audio and video recordings of every day language use, verbal art, songs, narratives, ritual and more. The collections also contain dictionaries, pedagogical materials like primers for language teaching, transcriptions and translations of the recordings into the major contact language like Spanish, Mandarin, English or Russian for example.

ELAR’s mission is to:

  • provide a safe long-term repository for language documentation collections.
  • train and support depositors in collection creation and preservation.
  • make collections available free of charge to researchers, communities and the public.
  • support users in discovering and accessing recordings.

The collections can be browsed and accessed through the ELAR online catalogue. All materials are digital and free of charge to access (after free registration). With registration, you agree to ELAR’s conditions for use of archive resources.