Are 1 carat D color Diamonds worth the premium price?

Are 1 carat D color Diamonds worth the premium price?

The hunger for jewelry is something that never ends, and the thing that intensifies it, even more are the diamonds. Diamonds are one of the best items when it comes to jewelry, so many people are fascinated by their beauty. However, these are somewhat confusing for some people because there are a lot of varieties in diamonds.

In all of this confusion, many people ask for the worth of spending a premium price for 1 carat D color diamonds. So, here we will discuss how and why the 1 carat D color diamonds are worth their premium price.

What are some of the attributes you need to know about diamonds?

Before jumping straight to the point, you must know all the backstory why 1 carat D color diamonds are worth their price. When you are buying diamonds, there are some attributes that you need to check. These attributes include:

  • The color of the diamond
  • The cut of the diamond
  • Carat weight of the diamond
  • Clarity of the diamond.

An obvious thing here is that these increase the price as they get better, and the 1 carat D color diamonds are those in the budget category with all of these in the best options. It is the reason behind the increase in price.

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How are the 1 carat D color diamonds worth the premium price?

When you buy diamonds, you can go for the cheaper options, but they will not be as amazing as one clear, amazingly cut, and in a unique color diamond with the better carat weight option for you. Well, the 1 carat D color diamonds will not only look amazing on your jewelry, but they will also bring that style statement and status symbol along with them.

· Rarity is one factor behind their premium price.

While the reason for diamonds being so expensive is that they are very rare, the D color diamonds are even rarer. Out of all the diamonds, the colorless diamonds make 1%. The D, E, and F color diamond colors fall in this category, making the D color diamonds make approximately 0.3% of the total diamonds found in the world, making them a rare item.

· The 1 carat D color is the perfect choice for most events.

Having a diamond that has a color makes it match in contrast for some dresses but not with all. On the other hand, the 1 carat D color provides a colorless look with a shine to it. It means that you can wear these with any dress on any occasion, making them a perfect choice.

In either case, the 1 carat of the D color diamonds provides a carat weight that is neither too cheap nor too expensive. So, the 1 carat D color diamonds are a perfect choice.


Everything comes with a price, and its quality and other attributes play a huge part in defining that price/. While the 1 carat D color diamonds are expensive for some people, a lot of people ask if buying these are worth it or not. So, here we were elaborating on how these 1 carat D color diamonds are worth the price you pay for.